As you likely know, getting paid for your hard work is critical to the success of your business. With Harvest, it’s not only easy for you to create accurate invoices, but also send them to your clients and receive compensation quickly. 

Now, we’ve made the invoicing process easier, faster, and more flexible than ever. 

Over the last few months, we’ve worked on updates that give you the ability to quickly add multiple recipients to invoice emails, share invoice links in the way that works best for you, and even test them out before sending to ensure the best client experience possible. 

Read below for more details on how the update enhances your invoicing process and helps you work how you want to work. 

Easily add multiple recipients

While you’ve always had the capability of sending invoice emails to multiple recipients through Harvest, the update eliminates the need to exit the invoicing experience and add new contacts before completing the send. 

Now, you can quickly and easily add multiple recipients with the click of a button without having to create a new contact. You can even CC important stakeholders to notify them of the new invoice.

Additionally, when you send invoice emails to multiple recipients, they’re now bundled — meaning all recipients and stakeholders will receive the same email and be included in one point of communication. 

Send invoices with confidence

With Harvest you can rest assured your invoices are accurate — and now you have the ability to ensure your emails are as accurate as possible. 

Our update allows you to preview invoice emails before sending them out so you can make sure they look exactly how you want. You can even send yourself a test email before completing the send so you can ensure you’re providing the best client experience possible. 

And as a reminder, Harvest’s integrations with PayPal and Stripe also make it easy for your customers to submit safe, secure payments with one, hassle-free click — allowing you to get paid quickly. 

Share invoices on your own terms 

Do you prefer to send invoices outside of Harvest? We’re making it easier to do just that. With this update, you’re now able to easily access invoice links that you can add to outside emails, send over Slack, or share in any way that works best for you. 

And the best part is these links still allow you to receive payment online — making your billing process more flexible than ever. 

To access your shareable link, all you have to do is click on the “copy invoice link” button next to the send button on the invoice page, and you’re ready to send however you want. Additionally, PDFs of online payment-enabled invoices will now have a “pay online” link near amount due. 

We’re confident that these invoicing updates will boost your business operations by ensuring the best experience possible. If you have any questions on how to get started using these features, our support team is always happy to help!