Spring has sprung! And if you’re anything like me, you might be noticing that there are neglected corners of your house—and your Harvest account—that are getting a little cobwebby. We can’t really advise you to only keep the clients and projects that spark joy, but here are some quick tips to help keep your Harvest account tidy and streamlined.


When you were first exploring Harvest, you might have set up some of the sections of Harvest that you’ve since found don’t really match your workflow. If you turned on timesheet approval or estimates only to find that you just don’t make use of them, you can turn them off again! Enable and disable sections of Harvest to keep your account free of clutter. Head to Settings > Customize modules and turn off any modules you’re not using. And who knows? While you’re there, you might find a helpful section of Harvest that you didn’t know existed, like a forgotten $20 bill tucked away in a pocket. 


If your project page is looking a little overwhelming, now’s a good time to go through and Archive any projects that you’re not tracking time to anymore. You won’t lose any data when you archive a project—it’s all safe and sound, and right there when you want to report on it or invoice it. But cutting down on the number of active projects on your Projects page can make that whole page a lot less intimidating. It also makes it easier for you to get a sense of how your projects are progressing at a glance. Our Help Center has all the details about the difference between archiving and deleting projects if you want more context. 


Did that guy from that place never pay that old invoice that’s been sitting there waiting for, like, years? You can head into old invoices that you’re not expecting payment for and write them off. That will keep all of your accounting data clean and reliable, and it’ll close out that invoice so that it’s no longer flashing that big red LATE at you from your open invoices. 

Now’s also a good time to have a look at the default settings for your invoices and make sure that they’re still meeting your team’s needs. You might be finding that you have to edit the email message that goes along with your invoices every single time, for example, or maybe you keep meaning to change the name of that one field on your invoices. Give your settings a quick once-over from Invoices > Configure


The Manage tab is another great place to sweep out the cobwebs. Got clients you haven’t worked for in years? Got redundant tasks or expense categories that are making your time- and expense-tracking dropdowns 30 miles long? Archive, archive, archive! Archiving is reversible (you can always restore) and won’t delete any of your data. As always, our Help Center has all the details on managing clients, managing tasks, and managing expense categories.

We hope this helps you keep your account streamlined, tidy, and ready for the year. As always, visit our Help Center or drop us a line at support@harvestapp.com if there’s anything we can help out with. Happy cleaning!