Our very own co-founder Danny Wen was interviewed this week by Andrew Warner, the founder of Mixergy, a website dedicated to to ambitious start-up businesses.  Danny talked about how Harvest came to be, and what it’s like building a company from the ground up.  Here’s a glimpse into his thoughts on deciding which projects to focus on:

One of my former colleagues had a great piece of advice, which is when you think about projects, you want to qualify them. You want to have some rules that say, what is going to make this project worth my time. A quick rule of thumb is, does a project fit? Is it going look great on my portfolio in terms of where I want to take the business? Is the project profitable because it’s going to pay really well? Or is the project simply going to help me going to learn something new that I’m really interested in? Now, if you can get two out of the three criteria fulfilled, then it might be a really good way to say, “Okay, let’s go with that project.” If you can’t get two or even three of three of those criteria, then you might want to say no to the project.

Watch the full interview here:

And thanks to Andrew Warner, for asking the delving questions on the joys and challenges of starting your own company — we hope you enjoy the interview!