If you’re like most people I meet, your favorite is not a Business to Business (B2B) brand. Generally speaking, it’s the rare B2B brand that inspires deep passion or devotion. That’s why when I was introduced to Harvest, and I discovered its passionate base of users, I knew that this was a company I wanted to be a part of.

As a long time B2B marketer who formerly worked at a huge company, American Express OPEN, I am excited to introduce myself as the newest member of the Harvest team. I have dedicated the better part of 10 years getting to know the small- and mid-sized business space. Specifically, I’ve spent a large chunk of my time meeting business owners, behind the mirror at focus groups, planning live events, creating content, and running and analyzing marketing campaigns targeted at business owners. I love this customer segment. I think you guys are inspiring. And I’m excited to keep working on solutions that make your lives’ easier.

About me: I’m a mother of two children, married to a tech entrepreneur, and I’m an avid business idea machine (business apps, healthy baby food, you name it). The reason I joined Harvest is simple: I wanted to work with great people on an amazing product that people love. As a marketer, Harvest has something else to get excited about: a creative and committed user base that has helped make this company what it is today, and is continuing to shape and promote the business. Just look at what people are saying about @harvest on Twitter and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

And here’s why: the reason the product is great becomes apparent on day one of working here – we all use it. To track EVERYTHING. I know how much time I’ve spent in meetings since I got here, how much time I’ve spent on emails, even how much time writing this blog post. I’m proud to share that in my first 5 weeks here I’ve only spent 7.9 hours in meetings. I did that each day at my last job. Turns out, when you track your time you spend it more productively.

Help this new girl out: if you were me, what would you do to spread the word about Harvest? What would inspire you, personally, to tell your friends and colleagues about Harvest? What tools do you need from us? Please let me know in the comments below, or email me directly at naama@getharvest.com. I’m excited to hear what you have to say and to get to know you all better, and thanks for using Harvest!