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Managing Time

Learn how to spend time wisely.

Harvest New Founders Interview: OpenFundraising

James Briggs and Tim Longfoot are the minds behind Open Fundraising. Inspired by recent successful fund raising campaigns conducted online, Open Fundraising is bringing good causes from around the world to the web to get the word out. They are...

New Founders Interview: Dr. Peter Morse

Dr. Peter Morse is a science-communicator, videographer, researcher and hi-tech visualization man who has made a career bringing unseen corners of the Earth to life on planetarium and video screens across the world. Peter has successfully made the...

New Founders Interview with Giant Squid Industries

This month’s Harvest New Founder named themselves after the once-believed mythical creature, Giant Squid. But unlike the deep-ocean squid of tremendous size, this St. Paul Minnesota design studio is small and nimble. As you’ll find out from the...
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