Harvest's new illustration style

For over fifteen years, we have been dedicated to helping teams track their time, get paid for their work, and make better decisions about where to invest their time. Harvest grew out of our own needs to keep time at our small design and technology studio, and we’re humbled to have grown to a timekeeping and invoicing service used by tens of thousands of businesses around the world.

Recently, we’ve reached a point in our journey where our brand needed a refresh to better reflect our mission: to help teams spend time wisely. We realized elements of our brand had grown in different directions over the years and become less cohesive and harder to work with. Recognizing this, we took a moment to create a more unified system across all facets of our business, from the experience inside our product to our customer support channels to our website. 

One of our favorite new brand elements, our illoglyphs (illustrations + glyphs), is a modular image library that lets us use illustrations in a more flexible way. But it’s also a nod to the long, long history of depicting time and stories — and of people marking time. We think of it as a linguistic approach to illustrating and telling a story about something so important and — ahem — timeless. 

A timeline depicting someone's work dayThe design of our new logo and wordmark also incorporate the idea of time. We used time-marking tabs to form the new “H” and our wordmark’s bespoke typeface. You’ll also notice these time-marking tabs appear in other areas of our identity, like the timeline illustration above.

Teams across all industries have adopted Harvest to better manage how time is spent across their team and to get paid for it and help their business thrive. In our modern, always-on world where time is a puzzle and a challenge for businesses and people in general, we find our work more relevant than ever. Today, we’re honored to be relied upon by many of our customers who consider Harvest as the way for them to see the “pulse of their business.”

While we embrace a refined identity and double down on helping teams spend time wisely, we will continue to champion the things that brought us here: quality design, workflow excellence, and a relentless pursuit to help teams succeed. As we approach the 2 billionth hour tracked in Harvest and 19 million invoices paid on behalf of our customers this year, we will be cheering on our customers.

Here’s to more time wisely spent for you and your team.

Have thoughts on time, or on Harvest? Drop us a line at hello@getharvest.com. Want to see more new stuff? We're launching our new permissions features this week — learn more.