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Expert Tips

Learn how to make the most of your Harvest account.

How a Digital Agency Used Harvest to Re-Examine Its Business

In this guest post we learn how Shareef Defrawi, President and Founder of digital marketing agency Bonafide, used data gleaned from Harvest to make three vital improvements to his business.  I resisted time tracking for a long time—way longer than I...

A Harvest How-to: Archive or delete?

All records in Harvest — clients, projects, tasks and people — can be either deleted or archived. In this post, I’ll explain the difference between deleting and archiving. Deleting Before a record in Harvest has any time or expenses tracked against...

Small business invoicing, the Harvest way

We’re happy to announce that with the Harvest Spring Update, the long-awaited invoicing feature is now available for all Harvest plans! Here’s a quick look at what invoicing is like in Harvest: Create invoices directly from time and expenses entered...
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