Customer Story: Few

Beautiful work by passionate people.

Beautiful work by passionate people - Few

Few, a web and mobile design and development agency, might be best described as a company that builds other companies. What does that mean? While their main focus is building and developing mobile applications for their clients, they also manage and take ownership in startups that focus on giving back to the community and the environment. One of the startups they’re most proud of is Tagless, a men’s clothing courier stylist service, which has a focus on ‘upcycling’ or finding hardly worn, top-tier clothes at Goodwill, washing them and packaging them up so they look “brand, stinkin’ new.”

Building clients’ trust with accurate time tracking.

With so many different developers working on so many different projects, accurate time tracking is essential for Few’s success. Three years ago, David Hudson, co-founder of Few, found Harvest and has been using it ever since.

“Time tracking is a complex thing, but I don’t want it to be complex—I want it to be simple, and Harvest has always been simple,” Hudson explains.

Few relies heavily on Redmine, an open source project management tool. By simply copying URLs from that tool into Harvest, Hudson is able to quickly see every clock in and clock out for each specific issue.

It helps us be transparent. I can provide clients with incredibly detailed lists of exactly what happened using an export from Harvest.

“A lot of companies out there are very proprietary and try to keep their cards close to their chest,” he continues. “That’s not how we play it. We let clients know exactly what’s going on every step of the way. We prefer it that way, and clients do, too.”

On top of that transparency, Hudson appreciates Harvest’s versatility that allows him to lay out contracts to each of his clients’ exact specifications. Then, of course, there’s the tool’s beautiful design, too.

Payroll & peace of mind with Fundbox.

Like any small business owner, Hudson is no stranger to cash flow problems.

So he turned to Fundbox, a service that advances payments on outstanding invoices for a small fee—and seamlessly integrates with Harvest.

Whenever we have a client that doesn’t pay on time—which is, most of them—I have to call and almost beg,” Hudson says with a laugh. “But all it takes is one big invoice from one big client to delay payroll a day or two. Fundbox fills that gap.”

If I know a client is going to be late because they’re always late, I can clear that invoice and access the funds I need to pay my staff.

Essentially, Fundbox allows Hudson to focus on his business while letting his employees focus on their work. No one has to worry whether clients pay today or next week. Instead, there’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing funds will be available no matter what.

“It’s very meaningful, especially at the early stage of a startup,” he says.

Running a business is hard work, but there’s no sense in making it any more difficult than it needs to be. Thanks to tools and services like Harvest and Fundbox, the folks at Few seem like many.