Harvest Time Tracking for Asana

Track time on tasks right from Asana.

With Harvest for Asana, you and your team can track time right from tasks in Asana without switching between apps. Simply activate Harvest from your Asana account, and click on the new stopwatch button to start tracking time on each task. Drill into reports in Harvest to see where time was spent, track budgets, and get the extra layer of insight you need to move projects forward.

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Already use Harvest? Learn how to track time to Harvest from Asana.
If you’re a Harvest Admin, you can Import Your Projects and People from Asana.

Get set up in seconds.

Quickly transfer your projects and people from Asana into Harvest, so your team can seamlessly track time. New imported people will receive an email invite to Harvest and will automatically be added to the same projects they’re on in Asana, so they can hit the ground running. If you already have Harvest and Asana accounts, learn how to import your projects and people from Asana.

Bring time tracking into Asana.

Tracking time is as simple as clicking on the stopwatch from the task pane in Asana. There's no need to switch apps or install software, so your team can focus on work instead of timesheets.

Get the details.

Now you can see exactly how time is spent – every Asana task shows how much time has been tracked to it so far. Tasks are also linked from your Harvest timesheet, so it’s easy to jump right back into Asana for more context.

Gain insight into projects.

Turn tracked time on cards into insightful reports in Harvest. Time-based reporting provides accurate project budget reports, staff reports and more. You’ll have insight into where projects stand at every milestone without the surprises.

Harvest for Asana
We use Harvest for time tracking and Asana for task management. The integration between both apps enhances our workflow making it a painless process to create, assign and track both projects and tasks. Mahalo Harvest and Asana for all of your hard work and making our jobs easier! Andy Arakaki of Mix Plate Media