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Connect Harvest to Lucid Meetings to track time spent in meetings.
This integration is built by Lucid Meetings and is not supported by Harvest. If you need help, email them.
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If there's one standard business practice people complain about more than meetings, it's tracking time. And yet both great meetings and accurate time tracking are critical to the business's success for many who work with clients.

Use Harvest within Lucid Meetings to track time spent in team or client meetings. Timers in the meeting help ensure everyone gets their time tracked right away.

Got the whole crew on the call? Each team member can start a timer when they join the meeting, helping them get that time tracked well in advance of the end-of-week rush.

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Team-approved time tracking.

Getting your team to track time shouldn’t be a battle. Harvest makes it easy, so you get the insight you need without driving them crazy.

Track time

Flexible time tracking options that work for your workflow.

Get info about your business

Intuitive reports that shed light on your team and projects.

Invoice clients and get paid online

Easy online invoices that help you get paid faster.
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